Making the Most of Mulch

By: Julie Barnes

For many gardeners, applying organic mulch is an annual process that appearance a landscape. The purpose of mulch is to cool or warm the soil, suppress weeds, and retain soil moisture.

When applying mulch the general recommended mulching depth is 2-3 inches deep. This can vary depending on the type of mulch used and the amount of existing mulch already present. Lay mulch around and between plants keeping it an inch away from annuals and perennials.Avoid mounded "mulch volcanoes" around trees where excessive piles of mulch is applied around their base. This can lead to the development of disease or insect problems.

Instead, leave space around the trunk and layer the mulch outward surrounding the tree's drip line.

So as you can see, mulching is one of the best things you can do to make a garden thrive. Just make the most of it!