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Greetings Garden Friends,

I am back again and invite all of you to join me for a little "Growing off the Beatin' Path." For many of us, a beat-in path has been worn down by following the same route. It is familiar or well-known, offering the security to just continue along.  Trying something unique can be daring. When a new pathway is opened, there are fresh challenges with endless potential for additional growth and wisdom.

The sun did rise and shined upon us on plant sale day. Although it did not look too promising after a very early morning torrential rain, decent weather arrived and prevailed. Thank you to everyone who participated in this annual fundraiser, whether it was through physical or financial contributions to support Ingomar. The plant sale raised approximately $2700. The funds obtained from the treasure mart are still not finalized due to continued sales. So the suspense still lingers.

Looking forward to June, we will be meeting at Northmont Church. The local Pine Creek Watershed conservation efforts honoring the late Rachel Carson will be traced. This environmental activist had authored the famous book, Silent Spring, that raised public awareness on the dangers of chemical pesticides. On June 12th you can join in on a self -guided walking tour of Crouse Run Nature Reserve.  Throughout the growing season there are numerous flowering plants and shrubs that shelter many species of birds, insects, and small animals to observe. Then there is lunch at Mineo's afterward.

See you soon, 

Julie, Your President

Julie Barnes, IGC President
Julie Barnes, IGC President

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Northern Connection Magazine - July 2023 edition