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Green thumbs grow thru trowel & error.


Greetings Garden Friends,

It has been a pleasure to serve as your President with an
enormous thank you for your dedication to Ingomar.  As this two year term winds down, it seems that my "Green Thumbs Grow Thru Trowel & Error" theme was very fitting. Green thumbs have a gift for making plants grow well.  Whether you nurtured plants, or students, with that passion, you made a difference.  Let's face it. Gardening is experimental. There is always something that materializes to test you, be it too much rain, drought, insect damage, or marauding wildlife.  But, each of you has evolved thru "Trowel & Error" experiences and our community shines thru your efforts. As for me, I had to rely on a variety of "trowels" to face the challenges.  In order to grow, everything had to flow to make Ingomar show.

As we gather at our May Northmont meeting, we will have the 2024-26 Officer installation.  Your next President has big shoes to fill left by the last one.  Please be supportive to those assuming these key positions.  Since our 2024-25 yearbooks are not quite ready, refer to the FLOWER PRESS for meeting, program, and field trip information.  Before we know it, our annual May 18th fundraiser Plant Sale and Flea Market will soon be here.  Hopefully, you are potting- up plants and putting aside treasure mart gems to sell.  Labels for you to price and identify digg-um plants will be provided and must be done in advance of our sale. May our weather be better this year?

See you soon, 

Julie, Your President

Julie Barnes, IGC President
Julie Barnes, IGC President

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Northern Connection Magazine - July 2023 edition